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Unique to Hocking Hills

By September 17, 2021No Comments

Join us on this transformation of your luxury stay, taking you from stunning to spectacular. This journey began as I browsed the internet to search for properties that my family would enjoy as a getaway. We had other properties in Tennessee, Kentucky, and South Bloomingville, Ohio. (Hocking Hills)

I watched this property for a couple of years and also went to tour the horse farm, the substantial home, and 200+ acres. Yes, it was impressive!

Over time, I continued to watch the property’s status and consider how this property could benefit me and others. Jumping ahead to the present, I decided to purchase the property.

We are happy to have a portion of the land donated to a non-profit organization called VALOR (Veterans Are Loved Owed and Respected). VALOR Retreat will be giving back to those who have given so much by providing a tranquil respite for combat veterans, their families, and our Gold Star families.

The property has private hiking trails that you can take advantage of when the Hocking Hills caves and trails are crowded. You can also visit the state nature preserve that is adjacent to Hocking Manor. Take pictures of the natural rock bridge, hence the name.   

I know it must be hard to believe that this beautiful, meticulously built home can get any better, but it will. Check back regularly to see the changes.

Book now for the new year!

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