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In The Heart of Hocking Hills: Hocking Manor

By September 17, 2021No Comments

Getting together is always a goal. “We have got to get together”…well, it rarely happens.  We would like to help you make that happen.  Plan your get-together here at Hocking Manor.  It is the perfect place to get together and spend time with family and friends.  

Check out the Hocking Hills events calendar to help you decide what is the best time of year for you.  Hocking Manor is not far from most of the Hocking Hills attractions.

Live music at several wineries and breweries.  Also, stop by and sample some moonshine and take it back to Hocking Manor to sip and enjoy on the patio or around the fire pit.

Schedule a time to go tubing, kayaking, and canoeing. You can also rent swan and duck paddle boats and pontoon boats at Lake Logan.

I don’t think we need to mention bringing your hiking boots/shoes for the many trails in Hocking Hills.  I do think we need to mention that you can hike our many private trails while staying at The Manor.

We look forward to meeting you!

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