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Your enjoyment and experience with family and friends at Hocking Manor are our true concern. That is why we have decided to do our best to have accommodations for enjoyment and also for comfort and ease for those using a wheelchair, strollers, carts, or other wheeled items. 

We personally know the concerns of someone using a wheelchair that may cause hindrances or even prevent you from certain places. Our hope is that you will find ease in exiting your vehicle on the large concrete parking pad that attaches to a concrete walkway.  The walkway smoothly joins with the front entrance with a portable installed ramp to enter into Hocking Manor.

We are happy you are here! Now you can access the back patios with ease as well.  Enjoy the rolling acres of hocking hills with family and friends on the three outdoor bluestone patios. 

Barbecue any time of year with the large Kitchenaid grill with side burners. The ramps will help those that use it to more easily access Hocking Manor, patios and pool area and navigate areas with different heights.

Check back for photos of the two bathrooms with a roll-in shower. One on the main floor and one on the second floor.  How will you access the second floor?

Wait till you see it in the next blog!

Hocking Manor is a first-class alternative to Hocking Hills cabins.  Surrounded by breathtaking rolling acres you will begin to feel relaxed.  The positive atmosphere and smells of the outdoors will make you feel comfortable and peaceful. 

Looking forward to meeting you.

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